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16.1.-15.2..2003 Kunsthalle Exnergasse, WUK| Vienna, A
Inscribing the Temporal - Das Einschreiben des Temporären

Inscribing the Temporal consists of three components:

1. Documentation of artworks, some of which will be reactivated in the context of Vienna, drawing from several recent New York projects and exhibitions that have taken place in non-art environments and require local collaboration of some sort. Three ongoing projects were the starting point for selecting works.

The Brewster Project is a situationist art event that has taken place in the village of Brewster, New York for one weekend in July for the last two years, in which the organizers, in collaboration with residents of the village, invite curators to invite artists whose projects respond to the community of Brewster.

16 Beaver Group is "the address of a space [located in the financial district of lower Manhattan] initiated/run by artists to create and maintain an ongoing platform for the presentation, production, and discussion of a variety of artistic/cultural/economic/political...projects."

Tugboat Film and Video Series is an ongoing series of public screenings and installations taking place in various locations along New York City's waterfront, presenting media-based works that are thematically and/or aesthetically linked to the waterfront.

Selected artists and collectives include: AFAME, Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock, John Borba, Matthew Buckingham, Cabinet Magazine, Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Tara Fracalossi, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, 16Beaver Group, Austin Thomas, and others. Organized by Sara Reisman.

2. A series of panels organized by the Kunsthalle Exnergasse responding to the New York-based works in the exhibition, drawing connections between New York and Vienna-based activities.

3. Two archives - one for Vienna and one for New York - of recent projects and selected ephemera from the alternative space movement, and related documentation of alternative artistic and curatorial practices. The archives will be available for research purposes during the course of the show. The Vienna archive is being compiled Hemma Schmutz and Peter Szely, and the New York archive is being compiled by Rebecca Guber, Elizabeth Hires, and Sara Reisman.

A second exhibition of Inscribing the Temporal is being planned for New York City in late 2003 or early 2004.


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